Selected Collage

How To Time Travel aka Space Roads- Real Science Facts, 2016

Oooo Baby Oooo, If Your Body Was A Map I’d Be A Cartographer, 2016

Run Away Bride, 2016

My Dear… You are just a speck on a rock floating through infinite space and that should soothe you, help put your worries into perspective, but please make sure you’re pretty while doing so. 2016

Eternally Sleeping Venus, 2016

Circle of Life, 2016

Baum-Chicken-Wah-Wah, 2016

When I think About You, 2016

Stage One Development- Outcome Fixation, 2016

Nephthys, 2016

Psyche, 2016

Mind Words Make Thought Sentences, 2016

She Was the Most Beautiful Plant Food He Had Ever Laid Eyes On, 2016

I feel Like Chicken Tonight, Like Chicken Tonight, 2016

Narcissus, 2016

We Are All Made of Meat, Might As Well Be Arby’s Tasty Tasty Roast Beef- Ode to Nihilist Arby’s, 2016

Conspicuous Nocturnal Consumption, 2016

Tick Tock, 2016

The Woman in the Mirror, 2016

She Had a Great Rack, Too Bad She Also Had Crabs, 2016

Suckle on the Teet of the Future and You’ll Be Thirsty Tomorrow- Ode To Sally Mae, 2016

Food for Thought, 2016

Saint of Thieves, 2016

Bacon, the Gateway Meat, 2015

Ham High Pony, 2015

See No Evil. Eat No Evil, 2014

Sphinx, 2015

Meat Mask, 2014

Sausage Vision, 2014

We Need to Talk, 2013

She Welcomes Us Back to the Darkness from Which We Were Created, 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Grabby Pants, 2016

Existential Crisis, 2016

Social Climbing Casualty, 2106

Arby’s Curtains, 2016

Think Thin, 2016

Thick Cut, 2016

Meatasaurasrex, 2016

Secret Garden, 2016

Lady of the Lake, 2016

Help! I’ve Climbed and I Can’t Get Down!, 2016

Pizza Face, 2016

Chili Dawgs, 2016

Cliodhna, Goddess and Queen of the Banshees, 2016

Chicken Dance, 2016

Plastered, 2016